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The tribe of fishes gathered to meet the little seahorse. He was bright and magical looking. They all looked at him with a spark in their eye


Come up with an original bedtime story in minutes

Do you have a bedtime story you never shared with anyone? A really cool story you think your son or daughter will enjoy? Most parents and grandparents I've talked to have waited for the right time to tell their story, but that time never came. Their kids grew older, and the story seemed silly.

I want to help you share your bedtime story this week. You don’t need to block a special time, dread pitching your story to an imaginary publisher, or think about piles of unsold books blocking your driveway.

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Course content

01. Telling your first original story

Our first introduction to the world around us is through storytelling. Telling great story is a superpower and it's a skill you can learn, improve and turn into art. In this exercise, I'll teach you the most important thing you need to do to tell a great bedtime story.

02. Storytelling advice from Ricky Gervais

Every bedtime story has to start somewhere. You have  a few seconds before your child’s attention wonders off. This exercise teaches you how great comedians master the art of storytelling. And, I'll share the one thing you can do today to teach your child about mastering any craft.

03. Storytelling BINGO

More than anything, storytelling should be fun. When you see your kid enjoying your funny stories, you feel like you've won an Academy Award. In today's prompt, you'll learn how to come up with the perfect first lines of your bedtime story.

04. The real Hero of your story

Every good story needs a hero. But what makes a great hero? Each age group has its own hero but all these heroes have a few things in common. In this lesson I'll teach you how to craft memorable heroes your child will care about.

05. Your first story

This is it. The stage is set and you are about to unleash your original bedtime story. You know what your first line is, you know what's your punchline. The only thing that's left is to follow this simple storytelling formula and you cannot fail.

What are parents saying

Nearly one hundred parents have taken the course already. Here is what they say:
I’ve been biological, step, and adopted parent. I wrote a storybook, with pictures and illustrations for my Eva when she was 3, who is now eight years old. Your course is amazing.
Mark, father of three
I L O V E your course! I have 3 wild ones between 2-7, and I struggle every night with the bed time story. And as I read your words, I understand why I’m so off, I mainly wish them to close their eye and listen to the story and that takes over everything… So thanks for lightning me. I love how you bridge the way parents of young children think about parenting and the way they are actually parenting.
Anat, mother of three
I think our education system is upside down in many cases. We train kids to learn how to follow commands because it is supposed to adopt you to the work you are going to do in the future. We are somehow killing the curiosity and creativity by forcing everything to follow the same road. But at the end of the day, when we are looking for employers this creativity is in many cases the skill we are looking for the most. Your course helped me teach creativity to my kids in a fun way.
Michal, father for three
I’m very happy I found your website! My kids are 7 and almost 4. We love story time. It’s a time of bonding with them and helping them learn different things through stories. We started using it as a bonding time as soon as I got home from the hospital. Showing picture books, then progressing to books with little words then longer words. Now I’m ready to tell my own stories!
Jodi, Mother for two
What inspires me most is that you are trying to shift the parent-child relationship from purely practical parenting (important but insufficient on its own) to creating a deeper emotional and inspiring connection. That’s big!
Dag, father for three